Thursday, July 23, 2015


Utopia (Goldfrapp Tribute ~ Lavallin * Stargrace * (4th Eden mix)


Trying to swim with the big fish
but i’m just a little guppy
separated from my school
swimming against the tide
I can ride the waves if I hold my breathe
I can ride the tides if I go with the flow
But it takes me away,
Far away from home

Little fish, wide-eyed, wandering
I wandered too far from home
Now I’m all alone
Won’t you show me where to go?
Won’t you bring me along?
I don’t want to wander on my own.
Don't want to wander on my own.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Lyrics Dumping Ground

The Ravenous She-Wolf (recording here)

Why is it never enough?
To be with you
Is addicting
Kiss me goodnight
Once more, oh please?
Stare me down
With your blue orbs
We connect, I explode
Looking back at you
While you're part of me

Why is it never enough?
I am a ravenous she-wolf
The desire dominates me
I am greedy, insatiable


Chasing the Sun
(Recording here)
Driving back home
along Santa Monica
I see the sun
Peeking through the clouds
Settling down for the day

If I drive faster
I may catch it in time
If I drive faster
I may make it in time

Cars on the road
Move out of my way!
I'm on a mission
To capture what's left of the day

At long last
I make it to the coast
Just slits of light left
Low on the horizon
I made it
You're mine

Trying Times
(Recording here)
I've never been a patient person
How do you play it so cool?
Struttin' your stuff,
Like it's no big deal?
You could be in a slow motion movie
From my standpoint, the background fades
Till there's just you
With the orchestra playing
Building up slowly
Cue the drum beat
Speed it up casually
Add a bit of bass
Tra la la la la
And I lose my focus
Forgot what I was saying
Kiss me again


(Song recording here)
Oh Petunia, we changed your name
Oh Petunia, you're still the same
Lying to the world that you're quite the man
While you hide your panties in a can
Fixing vintage cars, muscling up
Only to pretty up with gel
And spray on perfume from your collection

I hope you will someday embrace who you are
Don't live a lie, Petunia
Don't lead the girls on.
They'll see you're a fraud
They'll take your walls down
Uncover the little girl inside
Oh Petunia, please be true
Be true to you


Silent Screams
(Song recording here)
How you like to hear yourself
Berate me so
Tell me how right you are
No room for question

Talk the talk,
Never walk the walk.
It must be lonely there
Up on that mountain of righteousness.
It must be lonely there
No one dares challenge you.
Least of all me
I cower in my room
Hear the phone ring
And ring and ring and ring
I'm paralyzed
No one hears my silent screams
Least of all you

I need to get away from you
Make the calls stop coming
Leave me be
I best be alone than in bad company


Naughty Boy (Recording here)

Naughty boy
You look so happy with your lover
Why do you reach out to me?
Isn't she enough for you?
Don't go contacting me
When you're not one to be shared
Don't force a moral dilemma
On an innocent bystander
Tell her your needs
Or move on
Either way,
Do me a favor
And leave me out of your mess.


It's You
(Recording here)
It's you
The one I've been waiting for
It's you
The one... dreams are made of...

You make me wait
And yet I stay
Watching you...
You're cruel

And yet I wait
And I... hesitate.


I have had a lot of extra energy lately. The gym has been a good outlet and the beach a great refuge.

Drove to Malibu on Sunday and then to Will Roger's on Monday. Caught the sunset, which was a beautiful end to a weird day. The weather has been so odd lately - rain, thunder, humidity. It reminds me of home.

There's a swing-set sitting on Will Roger's beach. Of course I had to give it a go. :)

Saw this saying recently, which really struck a chord and couldn't be more timely.

This song also rings true right now.

Slow down
Let me be still with you
Still with me
Slow down
Let me be still with you

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

This would be a good one to cover

Awesome remix here. The DJ's expression is so cute.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Thoughts carried overseas

It's not too late to spread the love you have.

My grandmother's in the hospital again. It doesn't look good. She's refusing dialysis, 'cause she wants to look good in her last days. Oh grandma, stubborn 'till the end. I miss her so much. She taught me how to bake and gave me a taste of my Spanish roots. Amazing strong, independent woman. She put up with my grandpa's silly jokes, always claiming she didn't like his humor (but obviously loving it).